is this you?

over loaded, over worked,

over whelmed, over it 

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cinlim (resource) vbmanage organise collaborate produce oversee administrate supervise plan assist negotiate

© 2011 cinlim productions was all so great at first.
Autonomy at last! No one telling what to do or how to do it, the occasional late night, working weekend or missed event were all worth it. A small price to pay.  
Then gradually it happened, all work and no play.


When your work continues to take you away from the rest of your life.

Tired sharing your holidays with a laptop?
Connect and delegate for a way to get it all done and get back to your life.




How can I future-proof my business, maintain quality and keep the costs down?


I don’t want to share my office, why do I have to buy someone else a new computer?


What I need is a receptionist, who's not part of a big impersonal call centre, who has their own office and office stuff.


Format documents...or watch the footy?

hope no one notices I’m dull...what happened to my social life...who are you again?...I haven’t been to the movies in ages...another missed! so she’s 2 years old already...eating take away at my desk is just as good as eating at the restaurant...ironing is for suckers that’s why they invented dry cleaners who look familiar...are we related?

cinlim's versatile business support 
will get it done and help you meet those deadlines.

versatile assistant
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