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accurate and creative

I can stretch time!


I also have a great network of experienced people.


So, if you don't see it here, contact cinlim...and delegate.

Say you need a great looking and functional website design and even have a great idea for the look and feel.
Contact me, I'd love to do it. If you don't have a concept, and no time any way. I can do that as well.
All I need is a good brief for a writer (you know how they can be) and I'll handle it, optimise your images and make gifs and jpegs as well.


Because of my photography background, I'm good with images.
Need a slide show or presentation? I'll make it for you in Powerpoint or Pinnacle. Too many images, too little time,

I can re-size, crop, compress and sweeten your images in Photoshop.

Freelancing in advertising has also accustomed me to both long and short term professional, working relationships.

I can organise virtually anything of virtually any size for virtually any industry.


As your virtual receptionist extraordinaire I'll answer your phone, relay messages and contact you immeditely if it's urgent. The internet is everywhere why not make the most of it, and, with a smart phone in your pocket you'll be just a byte away.

I'll take those ongoing day to day tasks from your desk and put them on mine. Suddenly you could have hours to do other things.

My versatile business support services are many and varied...


If you'd like your e books and documents formatted so they look great,
either with or without images. No problem. I'll send them to you as a  MS word .doc or as a .pdf.

Too much due all at the same time? I'll prioritise your work flow and time management.


I'll do your research which will free you up to take care of the big picture.
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actual and virtual assistant
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