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I am cindy limque, virtual assistant, just a click away    

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Now that you’ve finally had enough of the pesky day to day tasks, those necessary jobs that mean those work cogs keep turning. Contact me and together we can get your spare time back. In fact when you delegate those important but time consuming tasks to me you can be assured that they will be carried out with diligence, professionalism and confidentiality.


As your virtual yet personal and dependable assistant I will manage your day, prioritise your diary, schedule meetings, negotiate with suppliers and clients even format your presentation docs. I can handle any tasks no matter how large or small, allowing you the freedom to use your the time in other ways.

My experience means that we can collaborate on projects from any stage.
After your briefing I’ll prioritize a timeline, organise the details and manage the project.

Once again you’ll have the time to focus on your business.  

© 2011 cinlim productions
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© 2011 cinlim productions